INTERFACE Commercial modular carpet tile.
Interface, Inc. is the world's largest manufacturer of commercial carpet tile and is setting the pace for development of modular carpet using materials and processes that take less from the environment.
As the leader on carpet tile market , we can can provide fast delievery and large variety of products.
AMTICO LVT-flooring.
Amtico factory is located in England. Amtico flooring is mostly suitable for high traffic commercial areas. Factory brands are Amtico, Amtico Signature, Marine, Spacia, Click and First.
BRINTONS Woven wool carpets.
England-based factory manufactures Axminster and Wilton wool carpets to commercial and home customers. Brintons has one of the world's largest databases of carpet patterns, which is helpful in producing custom-made carpets. 
Belakos carpets.
Belakos carpets that are manufactured in South Africa recieve their finish in Netherlands. Manufactured carpets are suitable for commercial and residential areas.
HALBMOND custom made printed carpets.
Halbmond is a custom carpet manufacturer situated in Germany with a large selection of patterns. Halbmond can also produce carpets from customers own pattern.
Object Carpet is mostly known as a manufacturer of very good design broadlooms for public spaces. You may find many Red Dot design award-winning collections from Object Carpets product range.
Geggus GmbH is family enterprice from Germany who has specialized himself in the production of premium entrance matting system. Their aluprofilemats with nylon brushes are particularly suitable for use in harsh Estonian climate.
NORA rubber flooring.
Nora factory is Germany's largest manufacturer of rubber floorings. We offer both Nora rubber tiles and rolls, as well as specific stairtreads. Extremely durable coatings are suitable for both office and industrial floors.
LINDNER raised flooring.
Lindner raised floorings are suitable for commercial use in server rooms, studios, cinema halls and substations. Lindner manufactures components itself, which guarantees a perfect product control and guarantee throughout the structure.
JOBET dirt trapping mats.
Jobet is Germany based entrace carpet manufacturer. They produce traditional entrance carpets as well as advertising carpets for events. Jobet entrance carpets are also suitable for high traffic areas for floor protection.
German carpet manufacturer Vorwerk produces 4 meter width printed broadlooms to offices and homes.Vorwerk carpets are also suitable for allergic persons.
2tec2 woven vinyl flooring.
Belgium based 2tec2 factory manufactures vinyl and fiberglass woven carpets. 2tec2 carpets are suitable for commercial and residential areas.
DANFLOOR carpets.
Danish carpet factory has range of affordable wool rugs and natural sisal weave looking durable woven broadlooms.
VALLEY handtuft carpets.
Valley is an Estonian company which started producing natural carpets with handtufing method on 1996. Each carpet will be produced handcrafted according to the customer's pattern.
Findeisen needlefelt carpets.
FINDEISEN is German based needlefelt carpet manufacturer. Carpets with wide range of colours have high durability and are mostly used in office and commercial areas.
GRADUS dirt trapping systems
Gradus factory in England produces suitable size dirt trapping systems for commercial areas and shopping centers. They also manufacture mouldings, stair edges, expansion joints, stair tubes and much more.
KÜBERIT profiles.
Küberit factory in Germany offers a wide range of profiles. Küberit also has bendable strips for different floorings to make transitions.
INTERFLOOR carpet underlay.
Interfloor in England makes very high-quality carpet underlays, which are installed to achieve greater comfort under the rug. In the product range there is also a special IMO certified carpet for ships.
KIILTO adhesives.
In Finland, nearly 100 years in chemical business, Kiilto is the main adhesive supplier for our products. Suitable both for carpets and elastic floorings. There is also an adhesive with IMO certificate.